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Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Treat and Reduce Mucus levels in the Throat

Note to self & blog readers:
- It appears that I have a high level of phlegm in my throat. That is why sometimes when I'm having flu or cough, I tend to vomit back out some of the food I just ate or just vomit out phlegm. It happens when the mucus catches the food it eat and preventing it from going down towards the stomach. The obstruction, irritates my throat, and I'll start to cough, and vomiting may occur. Refer to this link. Since that day, it has become a common occurrence. :(
- Below, I'm sharing a few tips in order to lessen the mucus levels in my throat. Hopefully by following some of the tips below, will reduce the amount of phlegm in my throat.
- FYI, I'm not the only one in the family with this problem. My mum has it too. :P


The article attached is by stevemark122000

credits to for the image.
yup.. that's mucus/phlegm stuck to the throat. :-s

There are many airborne toxins and pollutants such as chemicals, smoke, dust, dander and pollens that try to invade our bodies daily. As a natural defense, the body forms mucus which traps bacteria, germs and other toxins in order to eliminate them from the body. If throat mucus has become a chronic problem it is usually caused by food or environmental allergies. Other possible causes are bronchitis, a sinus infection, smoking, heavy metal accumulation in the body, nutrient deficiencies and mucus forming foods such as dairy products.

The type of diet we consume determines whether food allergies which lead to mucus production will develop. Diets low in nutrients and high in processed foods containing simple sugars, carbohydrates, chemicals and unhealthy fats lead to food allergies. Eating a healthy diet will not only eliminate many food allergies but will eliminate mucus production due to nutrient deficiencies in the diet.

Supplementing the diet with vitamin C, E and zinc and cod liver oil will help prevent excess mucus buildup. Vitamin C should be in a supplement combined with bioflavonoids which will greatly enhance it's effectiveness. Reduced L-glutathione is useful for breaking down and eliminating excess mucus. It is has the ability to bind to heavy metals and transport them out of the body. Dosages are as follows: Vitamin C with bioflavonoids - 1000mg 3 times per day, Vitamin E - 400 iu per day, Zinc - 30mg per day, reduced L-glutathione - 150mg twice per day and cod liver oil - one teaspoon per day.

Herbs with antibiotic properties such as echinacea, calendula and goldenseal can treat the infection that leads to mucus production. These herbs also are effective at bringing balance to intestinal flora vital to body health and boosting the immune system. Fresh air and exercise help detoxify the body which will help reduce mucus production.

Ginger powder and honey
have been found effective at reducing throat mucus. Make a mixture by combining one tablespoon ginger powder with two tablespoons of honey. Take one tablespoon of the mixture three times daily. Gargle regularly with warm water and salt. Do not swallow because excess salt intake can lead to dehydration. Drink eight glasses of water daily to thin and loosen mucus. Add eucalyptus oil to a vaporizer and then breath deeply to help loosen phlegm and lessen congestion.

Avoid mucus forming foods such as fried foods, meat and dairy products. Foods that help loosen mucus include spicy foods, hot chili peppers and horse radish are effective at loosening mucus. Drink plenty of hot liquids such as herbal teas to moisten the airways and break up mucus. Using a humidifier at night will help thin mucus. Avoid toxins that contribute to mucus buildup such as cigarette smoke, household cleaners, paint fumes and pet dander.

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