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Loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ini sambungan utk soalan Apple Cider Vinegar dekat formspring. Bwh ni, mungkin ade sket ayat2 recycle.. :D



quoted from: formspring

parents sy mcmmane tah, mcm berjanji plak.. 2-2 beli apple cider vinegar. so skang kat umah ade 2 botol. lain2 brand la. :))

sy mmg dah lame tau khasiat Apple Cider Vinegar ni, tp tamo la try sorang2. takut tak abis/sedap plak. harapkan parents la belikan. wahahaha. akhirnye impianku menjd kenyataan.

ayah sy beli yg without honey, dia beli kat kedai middle eastern, murah aje.. RM 6.90 (500 ml)

mak sy plak beli yg with honey dr kwn dia.. RM 24 (750 ml).

boleh click to view actual size

bbrp hari lepas tu, kuar shopping groceries, amik kesempatan la carik Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey (Wescobee) kat supermarket Jusco Wangsa Maju. harganya RM 23.45 (750 ml). mak sy beli dgn kawan RM 24 (dia round up la kot). bila habis botol ACV ni, dah tau dah nak beli kat mane. :P

btw, kalo korang nak tau la.. Wescobee ACV skang dah tinggal suku je lg. dan Durra ACV plak masih byk.. blom cecah 3/4 pon. :))

anyway.. kat shelf (dlm gambar) ade lg 2 brand..

. Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar : RM 21.20 (946 ml / 32 oz)
. Radiant Organic Apple Cider Vinegar : RM 15.90 (750 ml)
. Wescobee Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey : RM 23.45 (750 ml)

sambil2 tu sy check skali harga Honey Wescobee - RM 13.95 (375g).



quoted from: formspring

Reason sy check harga Wescobee Honey tu utk menjawab soalan formspring ni. dia tanye mane lg elok ACV w/hout Honey atau ACV with Honey. obviously "ELOK" ni sy tgk dr byk segi la. dr segi : (1) rasa (2) harga (3) kesenangan.

sy dah pon rase kedua-dua brand, Wescobee dan Durra, dan dgn honest sy ckp, Wescobee lagi sedap. :D

Yg Durra tu.. humangaih.. masam giler. muke sy mcm muke baby baru rase lemon 1st time dlm idop nye tau. :))

Eventho sy letak honey pon, tetap rase dia sgt.. overpowering. sgt strong la rase Durra ACV tu.

Okay, berbalik pd citer honey td, kalo org yg tanye tu.. beli Apple Cider Vinegar brand Durrah + Wescobee 100% Pure Honey, harga nye agak2 brp? :D

Durra ACV + Wescobee Honey
= RM 6.90 + RM 13.95
= RM 20.85
* kite assume 1 botol honey tu cukup2 la utk bancuh dgn Durra ACV, kalo tak cukup dan perlukan lebih dr 1 botol, it means we'll spent more.

ingat ye.. Durra ACV tu 500 ml aje, dan Wescobee ACVH tu 750 ml. :D

since sy ni mmg suke kire2.. suke sgt matematik, mari kite same2 tgk beza harga mane lg murah? :))

Wescobee ACVH = RM 23.45 (750 ml)

if 500 ml, the price of Wescobee ACVH
= 500/750 x 23.45
= RM 15.63 (500 ml)

so mane lg murah? ternyata.. Wescobee ACVH lg murah.. dan rase nye lebih sedap berbanding Durra AVC. Wescobee ACVH boleh trus bancuh dgn air, tayah nak add pape pemanis dah, dan 1 tbsp tu rase dia masih boleh tolerate lg.

tp Durra ACV, 1 tbsp tu pon dah rase sgt strong. rasenye kalo nak minum yg Durra punye ni, kene letak 1/2 tbsp je kot. minum 4 kali sehari. :-s

yg AVC with honey (Wescobee), 1 tbsp = 1.8 calories

yg AVC without honey (Durra) tak pasti brp calorie.. sbb nutritional contents nye tade, dan info lain kat botol dia dlm bhs arab. sy tak reti nak bace. :))



quoted from: formspring

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water twice daily.

This is from the back of Wescobee ACV bottle:
. If left standing a dark brown deposit may form on surface: this contains part of the valuable properties of honey. A good shake will quickly disperse. SHAKE WELL - DILUTE TO TASTE. May also be used neat as a delicious salad dressing.
. Ingredients: Honey and apple cider vinegar. Free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

boleh minum skali dgn teamix (atau air tawar lain) kalo malas nak minum asing2.

e.g: 1/4 or 1/2 tspn of teamix + 1 tbsp ACV + 300 ml of water


e.g: 1 tbsp ACV + 300 ml of water

rase apple cider vinegar (ACV) nih - masam2 manis. err manis kalo amik ACV yg dah mix dgn honey lah. kalo ACV without honey, MASAM saje. :))

type of liquid: hot/warm/cold water.

quantity of liquid: around 240 - 300 ml, adjust amount according to taste.



quoted from: formspring

yes u can..

boleh masak/campur dgn masakan lain. cth mcm last week, sy try letak sket dlm Sayur Tomyam. tayah letak jus limau dah.. dah cukup masam. sy letak Apple Cider Vinegar yg without Honey dlm Tomyam. ade dlm 1 tbsp gitu. tade la ruin taste tomyam tu. rase sesuai plak. sedap!

selain tu leh guna sebagai salad dressing. maybe toss trus gune ACV saje. ataupon mix mayo + ACV sket.. pestu toss dgn salad.

for more info/recipes/suggestion.. click on this link. i'm trying to avoid making this blog post too long. byk sy share dlm link tu. check it out.



quoted from: formspring

ok.. since byk sgt benefit nye, sy letak sket aje. selebihnye pls click the link above, sbb sy dah elok2 compile/summarize kan. ok?

. Reduce sinus infections and sore throats
. Balance high cholesterol
. Cure skin conditions such as acne
. Protect against food poisoning
. Fight allergies in both humans and animals
. Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise
. Strengthen the immune system
. Increase stamina
. Increase metabolism which promotes weight loss
. Improve digestion and cure constipation
. Alleviate symptoms of arthritis and gout
. Prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections

okay. sy jumpe extra benefits.

. Can guard against Osteoporosis
. Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
. Can relieve Arthritis and Stiffness
. Helps fight Infections
. Supports regularity and promotes digestion
. Can protect the mind from Aging
. Can promote Weight Loss
. May remove artery plaque and Body Toxins
. Helps to kill Germs, Viruses, Molds and Bacteria

source links (click link below):



quoted from: formspring

There's 2 types of Apple Cider Vinegar
1) Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey
2) Apple Cider Vinegar without Honey

make sure u buy the correct one. do u want to spend extra money to buy Honey just so u can mix with ur Apple Cider Vinegar? or u prefer to purchase an Apple Cider Vinegar which has honey included? :D

Check at the following stores
- Jusco Aeon Supermaket. confirm ade kat Jusco Wangsa Maju
- Cold Storage. not confirm but pls check at the organic/imported aisle. I bet Cold storage confirm ade punye. :P
- Carrefour/Tesco/Giant. not confirm but pls check at the organic/imported aisle.
- Pharmacies.
- Middle Eastern stores.



ngeh ngeh ngeh. kalo korang tgk, ade brand yg akan sebut pasal "mother". mcm Wescobee punye.. Oak Barrel Brewed & contains the "MOTHER". ade brand lain tulis trus.. Apple Cider Vinegar with "Mother".

sape itu mother? mak sape pulak ni dikorbankan dan dimasukkan dlm botol ACV? :))

ok.. setelah bbrp saat menggoogle, sy jumpe link nih.

Quoted from: website

Dynamic Health Laboratories'™ Apple Cider Vinegar contains "Mother" that is formed naturally in unpasteurized vinegar by the acetobacter. It's made from USDA ORGANIC certified apples. The "Mother" in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother is the dark, cloudy substance found in the vinegar formed from naturally occurring pectin and apple residues. It appears as molecules of protein connected in strand-like chains. The presence of the mother shows that the best part of the apple has not been destroyed. Vinegars containing the mother contain enzymes and minerals that other vinegars may not contain due to over processing, filtration and overheating. "Mother" is formed naturally by the bacteria in unpasteurized vinegar.

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