Summary of my weight loss:
I have loss 18 kg + 25.5 inches with 2 Herbalife shakes + 1 normal meal.
I loss another 1 kg + 24.1 inches after I stopped taking Herbalife shakes.
To date, I have lost a total of 19 kg + 49.6 inches of my body.
I'm currently taking 2-3 normal meals per day.
I'm no longer dependent on Herbalife Shakes for more than 5 years.

All Herbalife Food Products are Halal Certified
except for Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar.
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Letter from Heart

This is going to be the MOST LONGEST EMAIL EVER in the entire history of my emails.. ehehe. if u haven't eaten yet, pls go ahead and eat 1st. I don't take any responsibility, if u die from starvation.

since customer saye sorang ni sgt pemalu orgnye, i'll give her/him a nickname.. which is HEART. sesuai tak? ekeke. close enough kan?

btw, readers of this blog, I wanna inform u that Sophia, and Xena are also nicknames. I don't have any customers with the name Xena. :P

Rohit is the only real name (for now), coz i've already asked his permission. SMN is my customer's initials. :P

u might even see Wolverine, Storm, Hulk, Popeye, Mr. Incredible.. etc, writing emails to me... hahahah :))

~~~~~~ HEART'S EMAIL~~~~~~ 

Hi Adieha,

Here’s a list of Herbalife products I’d like to order while enjoying the perks of becoming a member and a few more questions.

2 bottles of F3
2 bottles of F1

I still have the teamix.

How much?

I can’t help it. I'm so not motivated and always (I really mean this, ALWAYS) think:

“I’ll eat less for my lunch/dinner”
“This would be my last Starbucks/Coffee Bean coffee (usually Caramel Latte)
“1 Karipap won’t hurt” (usually in meetings)
“Walking is exercise” (Usually only from Parking lot to the office)

Lalalalala... I really don’t like myself. I feel like Oprah. You know now that she is back to her size before she starts dieting. No kidding, SERIOUSLY!

I need to know:
1.  How do you keep yourself motivated at ALL times?
a. Your menu
b. Your exercise routine
c. Your business (Not related, but you still have time for this!)
d. Your food book/blog

I don’t have the patience and it’s really killing me.

2.  Do you bring lunch to your office or you makan ape sahaja di kantin?
3. How do you keep yourself MOTIVATED?
4. How do you keep yourself MOTIVATED?
5. How do you keep yourself MOTIVATED?


Adieha, if you’d want to publish this email. jangan letak nama eh... MALU :P

Thanks so much,


~~~~~~ MY REPLY~~~~~~ 

Hi Heart,

you are green.
i'm in black.
some key points in red.


u wrote..

"I'll eat less for my lunch/dinner"

does that mean.. u end up NOT eating less for ur lunch/dinner, ke? u don't stick to what u say?

or maybe u should use another mantra la for urself.

"I MUST eat less for my lunch/dinner"

since WILL doesn't really sound that important.. thats why u're not following what ur heart tells u to do. it should be MUST.

or was it bcoz it wasn't clear enough.

"I MUST eat 1/4 plate of rice + 1/4 plate of fish + 1/2 plate of veggie for lunch and dinner"

hey. wait a minute.

why do u say.. u wanna eat less for ur lunch/dinner? how many shakes do u take in a day? just 1 shake?

if u wanna lose weight.. u need to take 2 shakes + 1 normal meal.

if u've trained to control urself.. 1 shakes is enough + 1 normal meal + 1 light snack.

if u want to maintain weight.. u can eat.. 2 normal meals + 1 shakes.

if u've reach my stage.. you can eat 2-3 meals a day without gaining a single kilo. 

so u need to know where u're at 1st. only then, u can change ur menu.. into sometimes else. u need to make sure ur BMR has increase.

whatever u eat.. comes down to CALORIES.

u need to know how much calories a day u take roughly. and once u know what u're doing, it'll be easy.


"This would be my last Starbucks/Coffee Bean coffee (usually Caramel Latte)
"1 Karipap won't hurt" (usually in meetings)

 i used to LOVE karipap (well i still do, only i don't eat as much or as frequent as i use to). when was the last time i ate karipap. errmm.. a few months? or 1 year? or was it more than that? omg.

i love ice blended drinks, doesn't really have to be from starbucks la.

what u can do is..

u try to avoid going to places that sells KARIPAP & STARBUCKS (or any other food u love).

if u happen to just pass by a malay snack stall, and the smell of karipap might bother u. pls walk straight ahead and don't look back. ehehe.

once u stop, and look at what they have.. the urge to buy that karipap is so great, u can't stop urself. u end up going home with a plastic bag full of currypuffs and other fried goodies. :D

i'm saying this based on my own experience.>:)

u said, ur office serve karipap during meetings? wow.

erm.. u can just turn a blind eye and ignore the karipap completely. don't be tempted. drink ur water. imagine the water u drink is karipap.



another good tip is.. try to ELIMINATE THE FOOD THATS BAD FOR U BIT BY BIT.

for instance. u are used to eat 1 full plate of rice, with ur lauk.

so in the 1st week, take 1 plate of rice, every day.
the following week, take only 3/4 plate of rice.
the 3rd week, take only 1/2 plate of rice.
and lastly.. 4th week .. 1/4 plate of rice.
stick to 1/4 plate of rice sampai bebile.


u like STARBUCKS. u order caramel latte?

how often do u drink this caramel latte?

if its like every week, try drinking it once in 2 weeks. :D
drink less and less. and in no time, u don't even want ur caramel latte anymore.

as for me, i'm a milo freak. i used to drink milo morning noon nite and supper. hahha. as u can see, from my daily menu, there's no more signs of milo.. where did that milo go? ade la kdg2 buat special appearance. but kalo nak banding dulu, 1 hari 3-4 kali, milo milo milo. skang.. seminggu nak minum milo pon payah.

i used the same method.. eliminate it bit by bit. its not that i will drink milo never again . i just try not to drink it.

my target at first was to drink at least 1 mug of milo per day. then later.. after a week, i drank milo every 2 days. and then 1 milo per week. and then .. 1 milo in 2 week. u get my drift. suddenly the urge to drink milo is completely gone.

now, when i drink milo, i still enjoy it.. but i'm not addicted to milo anymore. i don't need my milo anymore.


erm. what ever it is.. what ever u drink, u need to dilute it by drinking teamix (optional) + later plain water.


if u eat smtg bad.. smtg heavy/fatty/oily.. drink teamix. and then water.
if u just drank a fizzy drink.. drink teamix. and then water.
if u just drank milo/coffee.. drink teamix and then plain water.

the amount has to be the same amount or more.

the reason u need to dilute it becoz.. its sort of helps ur ginjal la. tade la kene filter pekat2. if u are a coffee drinker.. u might drink more than 2 cups of coffee. some can drink like 5 cups of coffee in a day. but they don't drink a single drop of plain water. imagine what ur ginjal will feel (mcm human lak, ade perasaan) eheh. mesti sedey dan penat kene filterkan.

thats why, plain water is so important. and teamix is good to make sure, u don't get water retention.

kesian ginjal u. kene keje siang mlm. and also rajin2 look at the colour of ur urine. what colour izzit? izzit bright yellow / dark yellow / light yellow / red / etc. i've read somewhere.. some urine can even be green.. if i'm not mistaken.

usually even if u drink 1 cup of coffee, when u pee, u can smell the coffee. wahaha. so imagine drinking more than 1. i can't really imagine the colour. 

thats why i don't like to drink coffee. coz it bothers me when i pee, i can smell the coffee. so i just stick to tea/plain water, anything lemony and milo.


coffee /fizzy drinks / tea / sweet water / etc is not considered as water. its not water when its not clear/transparent in colour and its tasteless.

my mum has this problem. she likes nescafe a lot. and that is the only thing she drinks all day long. plain water.. she drink like 1/2 a glass for each meal.. itupon sometimes tak minum pon.. sbb lupe. yeke lupe?

she prefers cordial drinks, and she thinks cordial drinks is water. so bile dah minum cordial.. tak perlu dah air lain.


i'm usually the one scolding her, almost everyday. especially when i see, she didn't touch her glass of water.

"mummy lupe nak minum air lagi. hmm. minum air la. selalu lupe. blablabalabla".

mcm mak nenek, bebel kat mak sendiri.

but i cannot pakse her, sbb die tak usaha sendiri nak make it a habit to drink water. plain water boleh lupe minum. tp nescafe tak penah nak lupe lak. hohoho.

the only thing i can do is just.. remind her la.

kalo ikut kan atie. nak je ikat die kat kerusi, pale mak saye dongak ke atas, and i just pour water down her throat. hahahaha.


coffee is good for cellulite.

but not when u drink it. u can use the ground coffee to exfoliate ur skin to soften the dimpled skin. but once u drink coffee, u'll get cellulite. weird huh? :D

another thing about coffee is the amount of caffeine in them. you can read about caffeine in my blog. tea is a better option to refresh urself.

anyway, why choose other teas when u already have TEAMIX. :D

here's the link: Caffeine & Breastfeeding

don't be fooled by the title. its meant for everybody.

oh.. and read this too - All About Teamix. i mentioned how much caffeine (coffee/tea/etc) everybody should consume per day. so don't go overboard. 


as for cold drinks...

when its freezing cold its BAD for u. its makes u shivers. it makes u cough. and it also makes ur tummy bloat.

Here's a link on Stomach Bloating.

and if u drink cold drinks after a meal, the oil and fat from ur meal.. euww.. it will start to freeze..

and when it goes down towards ur tummy, some of the fat/oil.. will get stuck dekat ur throat.. etc

pestu kat liang usus. when u consume processed food, mucus will build up around the inner layer of ur intestines. when food goes thru, some will get stuck to the mucus. more and more food goes in, it will build up. ur liang usus (its looks like a tube kan?), will get smaller and smaller. last2.. mknn nak lalu pon susah. coz ade mucus+food stuck around the liang. thats why.. some ppl have constipation, digestion problem.. or even get cancer from this.. just bcoz the things that we eat are unhealthy / not natural.

some people yg buat colon cleanse, weird things might/will come out from the other end. weird long looking things. ehehe. those are the food which gets caught in the mucus. the reason its long and wiggly looking is bcoz it follows the shape of ur intestines.

i use to like drinking cold drinks. the colder it is, the better. but i changed my habit. now i drink hot/warm water/room temp water.. everyday.

if i want to treat myself.. i will order at least a Carrot Juice or other fruit juice.. and thats like.. i don't know.. like once a week (usually weekends). tp bile balik rumah, trus back to my routine.. teamix and plain water. :D

tak penah nak tinggal.


"Walking is exercise" (Usually only from Parking lot to the office)


what u can do is.. after a meal. u don't just sit there. do something. move around. if u just had ur meal at home, go wash the dishes, fill up ur water bottle, tidy up the kitchen, .. just do something. u can drink ur teamix and water while u do ur chores, or after u're done. chores is also considered as exercise too.

just move around more. u don't need to go out of ur house/office in order to exercise.


I need to know:

1. How do you keep yourself motivated at ALL times?

a. Your menu

b. Your exercise routine

c. Your business (Not related, but you still have time for this!)

d. Your food book/blog

I don't have the patience and it's really killing me.


i'm gonna write in point forms here. coz for the question number 2-5 i'll write it in detail.

How do I keep yourself motivated at ALL times?

a. My menu

- i always make sure, i write my menu down even before i start my day. in other words: PLAN AHEAD using a food diary.
- once i write something down, there's no turning back. i MUST stick to the menu.
- if i ate smtg i should not, i still write it down in my menu, but remind not to repeat the same mistake again.
- its ok to treat urself smtime with fastfood, chocs, ice cream.. just don't treat urself everyday. do it once in awhile. maybe once in 2 weeks / once in month / once every 2 months.. should be ok.
- if i were to eat out, i always keep in mind to pick smtg which is GOOD for me. and smtg which will not make me feel bad after eating.
- if i were to eat out, when the portion size of the meal i order is BIG, i will always will share with family/friends. pls share! always share so that u can eat variety of food.
- NEVER EVER.. eat-1st-think-later. ALWAYS.. think-1st-decide-than-eat
- i will try to change as much of my bad eating habits. i try to improve urself.

Here's my before/after eating habits:
What I eat before HL (Part I)
My Eating Habits (Part II)

- remind myself that, if i keep eating the same thing i use to eat, there'll be no (or little) progress

b. My exercise routine

- err. i don't really have any exercise routine...

... just kidding. ehehe.

- ermm. during my HL days, i usually do some light workout using water bottles as weights or dumbells to target my arms and shoulders. i also target other areas like: tummy, my back, thighs and butt.
- i lost 5" just from my back .. alone. ehehe. my body was so thick.
- i follow workout videos from really useful website. there's even recipes and tips there.

some links:
My Workout
Exercise For Leaner/Slimmer Thighs and Hips

- when i'm bz, and i don't have time to do my workouts, i'll do this one very simple exercise. u don't even need to use weights for this. i'm gonna share that in my next Questions & Answers . stay tune. :D

the simple exercise for flat tummy is here - Letter from Xena

c. My business

- erm. time cannot be used as an accuse to NOT do smtg. u can find the time if u want to. everyone GETS the same 24 hours a day. but how u spend ur time might be different. some people prefer to lazed around and do nothing. some people use their time smartly by helping out
people, read a good book, eat healthily, exercise.. etc.
- some ppl think went they have to work from 9 to 5, the rest of the day is time to rest. but they could have filled their day with other stuff. doing other things, which will benefit u or other people. i think u get my drift.
- once i commit to smtg, i stick to it. so once i become a HL distributor, i set my goal. my goal is to help people to achieve their ideal weight like i did. i help them, i guide them, i motivate them, i make them understand that they need to sacrifice some things for them to see results. but what they do with my advise is up to them. some follow my advise, some don't. :D
- it has been a habit of mine (even since when i was in uni), to do more than 1 thing at a time. this is to make sure i use my limited time as best as possible. but i make sure, everything gets done. nothing is possible.

d. My food book/blog

- food blog? err.. u mean ?
- ehhee. u do know, that i have more than 1 blog. erm. i think i have.. like. erm. i dunno. 5-7 blogs. some are public blogs, some are private.
- i don't update every blog every day.
- for HL blog, i'll update it daily, since i MUST update my daily menu, i swore to myself, i'll do that. unless if i'm sick or i'm away for holiday/etc. but when i'm back from the holidays, or when i got better.. i'll update my daily menu for sure. 
- personal blog, at least 1 post a week, and the rest.. depends on if i have smtg to post, only then.. i'll update smtg.
- if u feel lazy, nothing will get done. so always try to move around and do something.
- since i like to write (than talk), blog is the best medium. i can write as long as i want. it could be any topic i want. i can pour out my feelings (smtg like a diary jugak la), write down how my day went.. etc. thats why i have all this blogs. to occupy my time, doing something i like to do.


ur mention about PATIENCE rite?

i don't think its patience. but its determination really.

if u know what u want to achieve, u try ur best to achieve it, u won't stop until u do.

do u know what u want?

list it down. what u want, what u want to change, etc..

its hard if u don't know what u don't know. coz how will know know what to improve if u don't know what u don't know.

err.. hope u get what i mean. hihihi.


2. Do you bring lunch to your office or you makan ape sahaja di kantin?

3. How do you keep yourself MOTIVATED?

4. How do you keep yourself MOTIVATED?

5. How do you keep yourself MOTIVATED?


wow.. Q 3-5 is all the same question. sengaje ke ni? takpe.. i will answer all ur questions.

erm. i don't know whether u know this, but.. i work from/at home. i don't work in the office like 'normal' people do.. :D

so when making HL shakes, i just go down to the kitchen and start blending my shakes. pestu, minum teamix, pestu plain water.

thats my routine la.

tp ade keburukan die jugak, bile keje kat rumah.

coz.. i jarang nak masak kat rumah sejak ade 2 budak kecik kene babysit (nephew/niece).. unless its for dinner.

sometimes for lunch pon masak tp jarang sgt.

I usually eat out or just tapau lauk and eat at home.

i don't eat everything or anything.. but i choose what i eat and how much i eat. even the drinks pon same.. i choose.

wait wait.. let me rephrase that again.

i look. i think. i decide. and then.. i choose. and only then.. i consume/eat/drink it.


its kind of funny, when i was still consuming HL shakes, usually at a restaurant, it will take me ages to decide what i should order.

bcoz i got only 1 normal meal, so i need to consume the best.

the other 2 meals its HL shakes, so thats already done.

but deciding on what to have for normal meal is usually the hardest. i normally decide to have the best dish, which contains enough protein, enough carbs, enough veggies. and if there's fruits.. thats bonus points for me.

usually 5-10 minutes to decide, since at the time, i was still fighting in controlling my cravings. tanak terkantoi. so decide betol2 before u order something.

now.. i don't really have to fight anymore. coz i've trained myself, my body and the way i look/think about food.

i use too (still do) love surfing food blogs and also look at photos of yummy yummy food online.. while i drool and think of how i can cook those food myself.

the thing is i like to cook. especially before i started using HL. i was pretending to become a chef. i even did the flip the omelette, sprinkle salt and crank fresh black pepper like all chefs do. ehehe.

oh. even during fasting month, i love to surf food blogs. ehhe. cuci mate. kenyang mata jela. tak mkn. tp mulut dah banjir.

its a habit for me to feast my eyes on photos of food, before having a meal. which is actually not a good idea. its sort of increases ur appetite in a way. and once i get a hold of FOOD, i'll chomped it down like a hungry monster.

well, that was before HL la. took me awhile for me to adjust and change that habit.

so pls don't follow what i did. its a hobby of mine; browsing on food blog/photos/recipes/etc.

since i love to cook. and like to eat. i need to train myself to look at food differently. i'm not talking about HATING food. but try to control myself. control the beast in me. eheheh.

now when i cook, i control how much salt/seasoning/oil i put in my cooking.

less salt. less sugar. less oil. less butter. less everything. :D


the easiest meal for someone on a diet is.. NASI + LAUK PAUK (NASI CAMPUR). why?


Nasi Campur = u can choose.. what u want to eat + how much.

if u order ala carte, the portion of food from each food groups are usually not balanced. the rice/noodles (carbs) are usually more than the veggie. cth mcm nasi goreng ayam. rice penuh 1 plate, protein.. about 1/2. veggie paling sket skali.. 1/4 plate pon tak sampai.

but NASI CAMPUR, u can customize how much rice u want, how much protein u want, and how much veggie u want to take.

btol tak? :D

as for the protein, u can pick the size of the chicken/fish u want. how much meat is on the protein, how it is cooked.. etc

always choose.. grilled/boiled/broiled/braised/steam food.. itupon kalo u ade choice la. did i leave anything?

avoid food with santan/butter/oil/eggs/etc

my weakness is sayur lemak. ehehe. i love sayur lemak.

so normally i'll take 2 types of veggies. 1 sayur lemak, and another maybe a kerabu.. or sup sayur. anything with belacan is also my favourite. kangkong belacan, asparagus belacan... etc. :D


errm... ur plate should be filled with : 1/4 carbs, 1/4 protein, and 1/2 fruits and veggies. so.. 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/2 = 1 plate size 9". i think u can read the Letter from SMN. it sort of related.

even before i stepped into a restaurant, i've already planned, and keep in mind.. what i should and should not take/order/eat..:D


always remind urself.


if my tummy growls.. (eventho i had just eaten a meal).. i just drink plain water or just ignore it. coz i'm not really hungry. its just how my body reacts when it is time to burn fat from our body. hihi.

anyway.. after consuming HL for so long, my body metabolisme rate has increase, my cravings is controllable (i don't terkam my food anymore), my eating habits has change from bad to healthy, and most importantly, since i've trained my tummy to receive smaller portion (than i used too).. i can no longer eat as much as i used too. i can't even finish 1 plate of rice by myself. i need other people to finish it for me. coz dah terbiase sgt mkn 1/4 pinggan nasi je. perut pon dah kecik dah. so bile terlebey mkn, i will feel.. erm.. mcm senak perut la.

usually i will stop even before i tummy is full. coz i need to make sure there's still room for my teamix and plain water.

even the drinks i take.. i plan what i should drink.

after a meal, if i drink milo.. and then.. teamix.. i don't think i'll have anymore room.. for my plain water. so usually, i'll skip my milo, and drink my teamix and plain water. teamix is a necessary drink in my meals, coz its helps me avoid other drinks, and also helps wash down fatty/oily food and flush it out + burn extra calories.


hmm.. beside HL business, my other business (TOP SECRET! i'm not talking about xango), and other activity i do at home (babysit niece + nephew, cook for my family, etc. the lists goes on.) i think my workhours is not just from 9am-5pm but from 7am-12am the next day. hahaha.

sometimes terlajak even until 3-4 am in the morning), i still can find the time to update my blogs, especially my food diary.. coz ermm.

i'm not really sure how i did it but.. i think its bcoz.. i kept thinking on being POSITIVE. and i think my motto is 'NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, as long as i STRIVE to CHANGE, be DISCIPLINE, DETERMINE and be POSITIVE'. hahaa.

during my early years consuming HL, i always make it a habit to update my meals even BEFORE i even eat anything.. so.. it means i've already planned ahead, what i should eat for my normal meal, when should i drink my shakes, how much water should i drink.. etc. so.. after i've eaten all 3 meals, i'll update my blog again when my day is done, and see, whether i manage to follow what i've planned to eat. if i don't, i'll just change according to what i consumed for that day. NO CHEATING pls!

so there are times, u'll see, my water intake from 1 day to the next is slightly different. same goes to how many liters of teamix i drink.

if i terkantoi.. i'll mention an 'Opps..' and swore to myself.. the next time i'll eat a mcd burger will be next month. kire grounded diri sendiri la.

i always keep in mind to NEVER skip updating my food diary.. coz its sort of a tool to keep me going. once i write something bad in my blog..

in other words..mkn something i should not.. i have broken my own promise to myself.

i still write it down, but since there are people reading my blog, they will be my witness.. they will judge of what i eat. so i sort of think.. bcoz my food diary is made public.. when i eat smtg i should not.. i do feel kind of embarass la. ehehee. no matter what it is.. i always remember my goal. why are i'm taking HL in the 1st place? why this? why that?

i do have cravings.. but normally.. everytime i feel hungry or have a sudden urge to eat mcD altho i just ate rice for dinner.. again.. i'll remind myself what my goal was. if i eat an extra meal, then.. all my efforts are just for nothing. i don't like feeling guilty after i had something i should not.. so yeahh. that is how i control my cravings.

i think about what will happen.. if i eat the skin of KFC fried chicken... eehhee.. i imagine the skin goes straight to my thighs. that usually helps. :)

now, since i'm no longer taking shakes.. i take only 2 normal meals + teamix after every meal everyday. i don't really have to plan anymore coz, my mind is already set. everything feels like a routine. so i just go with the flow. i already know whats good.. whats not.. and i can control my cravings.


oh yeahh. i almost forgot about this. how could i. i think this is the most important thing ever.

the only person who can stop/change whataver u do.. or in this case.. what u're eating, is.. YOU! YOURSELF! nobody else can help you.

so how? how can someone.. help their own selves?

.. by being their own cheerleader. i think i've mention about cheerleader before in my blog or was is in my emails. i'm not sure. so here i'm gonna it repeat again.

Be you own CHEERLEADER...

how do u cheer urself? i know its sound silly.. but trust me it really helps. u don't need pom-poms to cheer/motivate urself lor. just TALK TO URSELF IN UR HEAD. kire suara hati la ni.

ur suara hati should be ur guide. ur coach. ur decision maker.

mcm setan bisik kat u soh buat perkara yg jahat.. or malaikat bisik soh u buat baik.

haa. same la tu. tp ini u kene train sendiri la. since our suara hati, can also tell u to do BAD things.. well i guess thats the devil helping u out.

train ur suara hati to say good things.. positive things.

u know what i mean?

for instance.. u feel like giving up. u just weighed urself. u've been in a diet for.. erm 1 month.. but still u have not lose any weight or even inches.

ur suara hati should say..



what u need to do is.. musabahah diri. ask urself why ur haven't lose a single kilo/inches. the reason is there. to need to know why it happen in the 1st place, in order to help u solve ur problem and also.. don't beat up urself. coz it aint a good idea. u motivate urself.. don't beat urself up.

when u eat smtg u should not.. but its already too late, coz u've already gulped it down. now u're feeling guilty.

ur suara hati should say..


but whatever it is, pls make sure.. the whatever happens bfore u feel 'GUILTY' never happens again. meaning.. make sure u don't repeat the same mistakes again.


ur suara hati should also be ur coach. DO THIS DO THAT. DON'T DO THIS DON'T DO THAT.

if u were about to eat more than u should, ur suara hati should say..


if u about to eat the crispy juicy skin of a chicken. say..


get it?


i also would like to mention. when we talk about motivation.. i wanna say what happen to me.. and what helped me changed myself as a person.

the cheerleader thingy was something i made up to survive during my 'depression days'. if u don't know what i'm talking about, u can read about it.. at my blog.

- My Story (Part I)
- My Story (Part II)

the reason i gained weight was bcoz i was depressed.

i lost my friends (bcoz of jealousy/backstabing/PHD/etc. well i end up being the victim). i also lost my bf, well now my ex-bf la.

it effected my studies. it effected my social life. its effected my self-confidence, it effected a whole lot of things.. etc

i couldn't even look at ppl in the eye.. let alone talk to ppl. i was feeling really down. feeling really alone and abandon. i felt a lot of things.

to ease the pain, i started cooking. that was the WORST decision ever. it was therapy for me, but when u're down and u cook smtg.. u'll make a really really good dish.. but its full of butter, oil, all those fatty goodness.

usually when anyone is feeling down.. we don't really care about ourself anymore right? the 'whatever la' attitude switches on. so i just chuck everything in without thinking.

my metabolisme was already low at the time, coz i was feeling down. and i ate like a pig. i ate big portions enough to serve.. 4 people. my tummy can fill that much. ehehe.

took me a few years to get my OLD self back; mentally and physically.

the 'cheer urself' method really helped me build back my confidence, pulled myself back together and start trusting people again. it was tough, but i made it.

so i use the same method for losing weight.. and i now, use it every single day of my life.

i talk to myself a lot u know. coz.. the only person i could trust was myself. so i had only ME MYSELF and I. :D


wow. thats a long one. hahahaha. i hope u're entertained, and well-informed.

i include as much tips as possible.


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